Our Values
Craftsmanship, luxury, and waste reduction play important roles in each of Studio Clora’s designs. We believe that these three factors can come together to create a beautiful, thoughtful, and harmonious product.
“Elegant, yet bold and daring. Studio Clora's jewelry speaks to the modern woman with whispers of confidence and courage.”


Made in France, Studio Clora does not follow any agenda. We design timeless pieces that you’ll keep forever, reducing our waste and keeping cherished accessories in wardrobes, not in landfills.
Each piece of Studio Clora’s jewelry is designed and carefully handcrafted in France. Every individual accessory is a special creation, taking hours to complete and made with exceptionally high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Years of experience culminates in the perfect jewelry shapes offering unparalleled comfort. With Studio Clora, you know you are receiving extraordinary jewelry made with the utmost care.