To us, sustainability is more than using eco-friendly materials. Sustainability is thinking of the longevity of each piece, and creating timeless, versatile pieces with durable materials for the perfect product that will stay with you for years to come.


Studio Clora’s mission is to build a sustainable future while staying devoted to the highest standards of design and workmanship. Though our business is not currently 100% sustainable, we are working towards that goal by using recycled and eco-friendly materials in all of our collections. We are proving to the world that luxury and sustainability can coexist. As we strive for perfection, we are motivated to create a positive change for the improvement of the current state of the fashion industry.
As we get closer to achieving our dream of being the most ethical jewelry brand on the market, our vision for our jewelry remains the same: luxurious, bold, and beautiful.


We use raw materials as well as recycled materials that have minimal impact on the environment, like piece of cardboard, recycled silk chiffon, recycled sequins, glass crystals and beads. We reuse and recycle wherever possible.


Beautiful, handcrafted products take time to make. We believe in making only what is needed – and no more. That’s one of the reasons why we make small batches and aim to sell out each season. This practice reduces waste and ensures our pieces are made thoughtfully, with appropriate time and care. We believe in long life for fashion and want our customers to buy what they love in the hopes they will cherish each design for many years.


We are proud to say that almost all of our packaging materials are made of environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and recycled or recyclable materials. We are completely plastic-free, and we offset carbon emissions from shipping by being a part of the DHL Go Green program. At Studio Clora, we do our part to minimize any unnecessary travel at every stage of our production cycle.
We strive to challenge the norms of waste in the fashion industry, and dream to create beautiful eco-friendly jewelry as we work towards our goal of becoming a completely sustainable company.